About us

How to Use the App

Cab driver refused to drive you to Brooklyn? Picking up fares while OFF DUTY on New Years Eve? Report A Taxi was built to allow passengers to report such activity with a smartphone (currently available for iPhone, coming soon to Android and Blackberry) in FIVE QUICK STEPS. You simply need to:

  • Enter the driver’s medallion number, or use your camera to take a photo of the number
  • Choose from a selection of known issues (e.g. Using cell phone, refused credit card) or enter your own
  • Chose from the menu and date and time of the incident
  • Enter where the incident occurred (choose from map or enter an address)
  • Review your submission and hit the SUBMIT button!
Your report will then be sent to the Report A Taxi team for submission to the Taxi & Limousine Commission.

How It All Began

Report-A-Taxi was born when two old college friends, Ahmed Yearwood and Pete Buletza, put combined the design and programming minds of their respective organizations, Y INTERACT and Elyxor, and a partnership developing mobile apps was born!


Y INTERACT (www.yinteract.com) is a New York City-based design studio with creative expertise in interactive and graphic design, social media, animation applications, video production, and mobile app design. Our goals are to conceptualize and construct media that allow organizations to communicate more effectively with their clients, potential customers and business partners.

About Elyxor

Elyxor (www.elyxor.com) is a software consulting company that provides its clients with a full suite of professional services to satisfy their mobile application strategy and development requirements. They deliver applications quickly and reliably across the myriad of devices in the market today including iOS, Android, RIM and Windows Phone 7. Elyxor's team comprises experienced business, design, and technology professionals with years of proven experience, from building large-scale architectures, business systems and e-commerce sites to enterprise and consumer mobile applications.